Legal requirements for selling goods at craft fairs

Legal requirements for selling goods at craft fairs

Posted by on Jan 19, 2016 in Legal requirements

It seems that making and selling crafts has never been more widespread, whether they are sold on flea or craft fairs. Creating and selling crafts is probably one of the trends we can ascribe to the advent of the Internet, since many tutorials can be found online. They allow many people to try out their craft skills, create various pieces of arts and crafts, which they often decide to sell in order to either improve the home budget, or even develop a serious business out of it.

Crafts are most frequently sold online, but since there are so many craft sellers nowadays, there are also many craft fairs organized specifically for the purpose of selling these kinds of products. Also, many crafty people decide to sell their work on flea markets.

Before you start selling what you have made, it is important to ask yourself whether you want to do it only as a hobby, or you plan to develop a business. If you sell crafts only as a hobby, it should be a pretty simple matter. You can register for crafts fairs organized in your city or any other city of your country.

You will usually be required to pay the participation fee, and what you earn is yours. But depending on the country, you may be required to pay the tax even for the goods sold on crafts market, so make sure to study the law that regards this matter.


If you decide to develop a business from making and selling crafts, it is a much more serious procedure. You need to register a company and pay taxes from selling your products, just like any other type of business does. You should think of a name for your business and register it with the government authorities of your country.

You will also need to file a request for getting a Federal Employer ID Number for yourself and any other employee of your company. However, you can still be able to sell your goods on crafts fairs, respecting the rules of their organization and the laws of your country regarding this kind of sale.